What We Do - The Research Process

DMG Socratic Dialogues are distinguished by a thorough research process to explore and frame the issues that each program addresses. The production team begins with extensive background research, identifying expert content advisors in medicine, the law, science, economics, ethics, public policy and many other relevant fields. The team conducts intensive interviews with people involved with the issue and affected by it.

A crucial goal of the research is not only to explore every aspect of a policy debate, but also to understand exactly how what seem like abstract issues play out in the lives of real people. For example, how does an African-American father's opposition to affirmative action policies affect his daughter's choices in applying to colleges? How do the choices made by journalists when they report a story affect the family of someone running for public office? How might a parent's decision to treat their child's ear infection affect humanity's struggle with drug-resistant bacteria? How might an employer's access to an individual's healthcare information affect hiring decisions? How might an environmentalist react when he discovers the proposed site for a massive wind farm intended to feed the energy needs of a city hundreds of miles away will blight the unspoiled vista from a beloved family property?

To shape the research, the DMG team conducts extensive consultation with experts in the particular topic in question as well as with eminent law professors and critically-acclaimed journalists who have a longtime affiliation with us. With this research in hand, the DMG team begins to develop ideas for the hypothetical scenario.