What We Do - Extending the Conversation

The questions raised by a DMG Dialogue are almost never exclusively for the participants at the table. They are intended for those watching the live event, or a broadcast, webcast, DVD or other media version, to ask themselves and each other: What would I have done in this situation? Do my choices line up with my policy positions? With achieving my goals? Does something need to change? How can that change come about, and what can I do to make it happen?

Whether it's a break-out session after an event, live audience and online polling incorporated into the scenario, social media conversations before, during and after the Dialogue, or a guide to help a teacher or facilitator lead a group discussion afterwards, we utilize every technology and platform available to extend the conversation.

We see each Dialogue as the central element of a larger plan to generate thought and action. We have not only designed richly interactive experiences for those who view our Dialogues (in whatever medium), we have also designed extensive civic engagement campaigns to reach out to targeted audiences and bring them into the discussion. We believe true dialogue opens minds and can change outcomes, and are eager to help make that happen.